has published its annual report detailing how much moms should earn if they were, you know, actually paid for everything they do.

Use the Mom Salary Wizard below to figure out Mom's pay.

I'm guessing your mom/wife/self/daughter isn't actually getting paid what she's worth.

Add up everything she does, and mom's paycheck should be a whopping $112,962!

On average, stay-at-home moms work 95 hours per week! Working mothers log 58 hours working at home each week, in addition to time spent at work!

Their calculations account for national averages, considering most moms handle multiple responsibilities around the house, including cooking, cleaning, driving, organizing activities, helping with homework, and much much more.

I used their handy Mom Salary Wizard to figure out exactly what my wife should make. It takes into account where you live, and calculates mom's compensation based on how much time she spends doing numerous tasks. Gee, even mom's paycheck gets scaled back living in Flint! My wife's 'paycheck' is below. (Looks like I'd better cut back on gadgets, and start spending more on her.)

Go ahead, calculate what you should be making if you're a mom. I dare you! Or, figure out what the mom-extraordinaire in your life should be pulling down, based on all she does. It will give you an idea how much you need to spend on Mothers' Day this year!