Hamburgers have come a long way in the past few years. They have moved into a place of passion for those who REALLY love burgers. There are now a number of chain restaurants that specialize in burgers. But how come Flint didn't make the "Best Hamburger" list?

I'd vote for Haloburger QP as Flint's best hamburger, but maybe the reason Flint didn't get a vote is because they didn't come here to try one.

According to a recent survey of Travel and Leisure readers, Providence, Rhode Island has the best burger in America.

The survey features 35 major metropolitan areas, which unfortunately did not include Flint.

So, here they are....the official list of the ten best cities to grab a burger. Maybe Flint came in at number 11.

Top 10 Best Cities To Grab A Burger In America

1. Providence, Rhode Island
2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
3. Chicago, Illinois
4. Houston, Texas
5. San Juan, Puerto Rico
6. San Diego, California
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
8. Kansas City, Missouri
9. New York, New York
10. Los Angeles, California