October is Squirrel Awareness Month.  Really.  Here in the state of Michigan we have plenty of squirrels.  If you have a bird feeder, you are probably aware that a couple of squirrels can Hoover up $20 worth of bird seed quicker than a politician can tell a lie.

We have several squirrels in our neighborhood.  They like to dig in our flower beds.  And our lawn.  And in potted plants.  Seems that our neighbor has a hickory tree and the furry varmints like to cross the road to bury the nuts.  Of course, they forget where they buried them and dig holes until they get lucky and find one.

If I didn't live in the city, I'd get out my shootin' iron and bag my limit, then make some squirrel stew. Squirrel meat is rather fatty, but is quite tasty.

I have to admit that they are entertaining to watch when they cross the road on the telephone lines or when one starts spinning on a neighbor's bird feeder.

How the squirrel got a month to be aware of them boggles my mind.  There's even a web site for people that love squirrels.  www.thesquirrelloversclub.com

I love them next to the potatoes and gravy.