Here is a project I undertook this spring that was so much easier and came out so much better than I could have hoped for. If you need new flooring for an outside patio or Florida room, and you need something that is durable and waterproof, and reasonably inexpensive? Then I've got a great idea for you! I discovered what I believe are called Eco-Tiles at Home Depot. You will find them in the Garden section.

They are 18 inches square and are made out of recycled products. I wanted to replace an old carpeted area in the Florida room. Underneath the carpet was just bare flooring. It took a total of 64 squares to complete an 11 x 11 room and it was so easy. From start to finish it was less than four hours work. The outside squares clip together to hold the framework and the interior pieces hold themselves in place. The squares were relatively easy to cut and fit around the wall. It came out looking like a professional job and made me feel like a real handyman. In all, the total cost was just over $500 for a floor that will last and last, and stand up under the elements of nature.