Here's another little homeowner's project that doesn't come around very often, and when you do fix it, it usually lasts a long time. My home was built in 1967 and they used wood timbers around the culvert that passes water under the driveway. Through the years they slowly rotted and it turned out that this year I really had to get it fixed. Not being much of a handyman, here's what I found out: Laying bricks, even without mortar, is not a simple job. The pictures you see are my first efforts. It is still a project in progress. The reasonably priced bricks that are available at garden shops are easy to use, but I discovered that the foundation is the key. You can see in the pictures that mine seem to have a pitch that goes a uphill. It should be easy to repair and it's been a fun learning job, while adding value to the house. Got any project planned at your place?