US Army veteran James Wolf, whose video makeover captured the world's attention a few weeks ago, has begun drinking again, and is back in jail after being arrested in Grand Rapids for trespassing.

The video, which has been viewed more than 15 million times on YouTube, documents Wolf's miraculous transformation from a dirty, down-and-out homeless man to a clean-cut, well-dressed citizen who was on his way to becoming a recovering alcoholic.

But Wolf said it didn't take long for him to start drinking again once the cameras were turned off, and indicated that a simple makeover can't fix all of his problems.

"As far as appearance -- the outside -- it matters nothing. ... What's inside of you is important to Jesus," he said. "Your outside is nothing," Wolf told a Grand Rapids TV station.

Wolf said he hopes he has the willpower to stay away from alcohol after he is released.


- George McIntyre
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