A 13-year-old HIV positive boy in Pennsylvania has been denied enrollment because of his health status, so his family is suing the Milton Hershey School for discrimination, according to Yahoo. The school says they can't meet the boy's needs. The lawsuit seeks immediate admission, compensatory damages and mandatory HIV/AIDS sensitivity training.

The private school teaches socially disadvantaged kids and says they can't accommodate students with chronic communicable diseases that could pose a health and safety threat to others.

The boy is an honor roll student and great athlete and is able to monitor his HIV through medication which doesn't affect his school schedule. The child's attorney is comparing this case to Ryan White, the boy who was expelled from school because officials learned he was HIV positive in the 80s.

Do you think he should be allowed to go to the school of his choice? How would you feel if your child went to school with someone who was HIV positive? With all the latest research and funding to battle AIDS, is it really a big deal?