She left on her 18th birthday because she didn't like the house rules, but now Rachel is suing her parents.

See what she wants.

Rachel Canning, a New Jersey high school honor student and cheerleader, left her parent's home on her 18th birthday after a family dispute, and she hasn't been back. She claims that her parents kicked her out. Her parents, Sean and Elizabeth Canning say that their daughter left because she didn't like their house rules. Her dad told the Daily Record "We're heartbroken, but what do you do when a child says I don't want your rules but I want everything under the sun and you to pay for it?"

Rachel is staying with a friend's family and is in the process of suing her parents for a college tuition fund and another $12,000 for transportation, living and legal expenses, and an unpaid high school bill.

Should parents be held financially responsible for their 18 year-old in a situation like this?

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