Can you say implosion? Won't be long now. My sources say it's going to be televised.

Without any warning from the city or the people arranging its implosion, streets started closing around Genesee Towers in downtown Flint.The City of Flint confirmed, Wednesday, the closures are to prepare for demolition of the building.It's basically an L shape behind and down the side of Genesee Towers - Harrison from 2nd St. to 1st St. and then 1st St. from Harrison to Saginaw.

There's been no date announced publicly for the demo of Flint's tallest building, but it's hard to ignore the activity around Genesee Towers. And of course those street closures. An email sent from the University of Michigan-Flint, to its campus community alerting students and staff. That's been the only warning.  It says the closures will remain in effect until summer 2014.

This is the most movement there's been around the building in months. It's implosion has been delayed before. It was originally supposed to fall ahead of the Crim Festival of Races in August.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI