There must be something in the water in France. Something that causes common sense to exit the bodies of young women. Something that makes the young ladies sunbath topless. Of course, French magazines love the chance to capture it all with a zoom lens! We all know about the problems poor Duchess Kate is having with the paparazzi. Now add supermodel and 'Project Runway' host Heidi Klum to the mix of topless photo opportunities.

Heidi was vacationing on a beach in the south of France, topless, when the pictures were taken. These pictures have appeared in a few of the French tabloids, and on several French websites as well. The supermodel and 'Project Runway' star is considering legal action, but needs to figure out which magazine published the topless photos first. A source says that Heidi may wait to see how Kate Middleton's lawsuit regarding her topless pictures plays out before she begins her own proceedings.

Do you feel some compassion for the girls who thought that they were enjoying a bit of privacy, or do you think that they really should have been a bit more careful as public figures?