Watching the courtroom antics of 'Judge Joe Brown' is usually how I wind down to fall asleep during the week. That very popular television program has aired at 7:30pm on ABC12 for as long as I can remember. He may not hold that time slot for very much longer, though. Rumor has it that we are about to see the last of 'Judge Joe Brown'.

It's true. 15 years of syndication through CBS Television Distribution is coming to an end because of, what else? A salary dispute. It's been suggested that CBS has been trying to "trim" the judge's salary because ratings have slipped. Judge Joe counters by saying that CBS has not been easy to work with, and that they have not promoted his show properly. The end result is that the number two courtroom based program ('Judge Judy' is number one) has been cancelled.

If you are a fan of Judge Joe, there might be a bit of good news. The popular TV judge could come back to television after 'Judge Joe Brown' ends. He has been in meetings with other television distributors. Until then, there's Youtube! If you would like to tell him how much he will be missed, you can reach out through Facebook here.