Bullies on the social media site ask.fm criticized 14-year-old Hannah Smith's appearance, and encouraged the teen to commit suicide. Last Friday, she took their messages to heart, and hanged herself.

David Smith, Hannah's father, says the owner of the site should be charged with manslaughter.

"These websites should be got rid of, if nothing else they need to be regulated and they need to stop people from doing this. If David Cameron was sitting here now I would want to know why he hasn't done something about this six, 12 - two years ago. Modern technology has gone on but the laws have stuck the same."

Ask.fm allows users to post questions and responses anonymously. The site has been criticized for its lack of moderation.

Should social media sites be held accountable in cases like this? Have we reached a point where anonymity can no longer be acceptable?

- George McIntyre
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