The fundraiser, called "12 Weeks To Earn Your Halo" runs through September 26th. 

They've partnered with the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan to raise a minimum of $24,000 in twelve weeks. There are, appropriately, twelve Halo Burger locations in Genesee County that are participating in the fundraiser:

1.    Linden Road, Flint
2.    Birch Run Road, Birch Run
3.    Hill Road, Grand Blanc
4.    Leroy Street, Fenton
5.    Belsay Road, Burton
6.    Saginaw Street Downtown, Flint
7.    Mount Morris Rd, Mt. Morris
8.    Holly Road, Grand Blanc
9.    Court street, Flint
10.    Pierson Road, Flint
11.    Fenton Road, Flint
12.    Richfield Road, Flint

The money will go to benefit mobile food pantries that visit neighborhoods in need of fresh food throughout our area.

If you'd like to make an online donation, you can do so HERE. Fantastic news! Thank you for being such a positive, proactive part of our community, Halo Burger! I'm coming to you for lunch today!