William Leoni III claims he started using the Twitter name @haloburger because he likes the restaurant chain and the Flint area. Halo Burger's not buying it.

The popular Flint-based fast food chain was forced to don the handle @halo_burger (with underscore) instead, and is suing Leoni, saying it is sole proprietor of the name.

Halo Burger filed a lawsuit in February after Leoni refused to relinquish the handle. According to Mlive, Halo Burger's attorney Michael Rizik says the two parties are in the process of resolving the issue, but claims Leoni's refusal to give up the handle is nothing more than an attempt to extort money from Halo's parent company, Dortch Enterprises.

Leoni's lawyer claims that Twitter handles are on a first-come, first-served basis.

- George McIntyre
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