I remember when beer brats and cheese brats were a big deal. Now make room for some 'sweet meat', as Gummy Bears become a new popular ingredient in brats at least in Hugo, Minnesota. Learn more about this delicious treat after the jump.

Grundhofer's Old-Fashion Meats is known for its bratwursts. The meat market boasts about 40 different flavors of brats. But a few years ago, the owner of the market stumbled onto a flavor that just may be what the meat industry -- and its consumers -- have been waiting for: Gummy Bear brats.

Grundhofer says the brats taste both sweet and sour, a flavor that seems to be hitting the mark. He estimates he makes between 50 and 75 pounds of the Gummy Bear brats every week.

Grundhofer is also open to customers' suggestions. Anyone who hits upon a good idea will get $25 and a couple packs of brats.

So, would you try one?