A lunchroom aide at Campus Elementary School in Grand Rapids has been fired after a student claimed she paid other students to beat him up. Brooke Wilson-Johnson is accused of soliciting an attack on a fourth grader on October 4th and 7th.

"I got told by two kids that they got payed but there buddys of mine so the didn't beat me up," [sic] the boy indicated in a written statement.

A cook and resources teacher both reported the incidents to school principal Bernard Colton, who began investigating and turned the matter over to police. Wilson-Johnson hasn't made a written statement, but reports indicate that she admitted making the offers, but said she was just "playing."

Police records of the incidents obtained by a Grand Rapids newspaper say she made the offers in retaliation for the boy's disobedience, and after he had called her a "pregnant b----."

Earlier this month, a janitor at the same school was dismissed after extending a similar offer to students.

- George McIntyre
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