Well! I'm sure all the "black people" were not too happy that they just wasted a whole bunch of money on their education at this place.

The incident happened at the TNT Academy graduation ceremony in Stone Mountain, Georgia, on Friday.

The valedictorian's speech was not in the program, and school founder Nancy Gordeuk asked the man to give his remarks at the end. When people started to leave, she flew off the handle and insulted....well, everybody. And then, she mentioned "black people." And that was the end of the program.

I'm so disgusted by this woman, I can't even describe it. She rambles on and on about how rude everybody is, how they're cowards. People actually start to leave before her "black people" remark. Don't you think that would be a red flag to maybe, just MAYBE, stop berating the crowd? I would be royally ticked off if I spent a bunch of money on my education, only to have it end like this. From the founder of the school, no less!

And finally, if I was the valedictorian, I would've walked out, too.

Here's the full story, including her apology, from CNN.