On Friday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder called in to our sister station, 1470 WFNT and spoke on a number of topics directly related to Flint.

Earlier in the week, Flint was once again named the most violent city in the country according to preliminary FBI statistics from the first half of 2012.  The governor shared his thoughts on that saying "we're actually continuing to make progress" but "things like this don't get solved overnight."

Snyder also spoke out on the recent revelation the former public safety administrator for the City of Flint, Barnett Jones, was working two full time jobs saying he's spoken to the Treasurer about it and he's looking for answers as well.

The governor also spoke more on some of the topics from his State of the State address earlier in the week including the plan to fix roads, revamp Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system and expansion of the Education Achievement Authority.