How was your weekend? I got hit on this weekend, literally!

As you know, I am one of those crazy roller derby girls (Baroness A-Bomb) with Demolitia Derby Queens of Lapeer County and we had a bout (game) this past Saturday (8/15) at our home rink, Lapeer Skating Center. First off, our rink sadly does not have air conditioning. I know. That means we were skating against a very experienced team in quite the humidity/heat combo. All the fans, ice, or even polar winds in the world wouldn't have been able to cool us down.

As you can see from the pictures, we were all drenched in sweat, working hard, and of course having fun. We may not have won, but we did achieve our goals which was to play hard, have fun, and score over 50 points, which we did!

Every time I play roller derby I find something out about myself. Usually, during this type of highly uncomfortable heat and humidity you would find me passed out. This bout, I pushed myself and my muscles didn't let me down. I was dripping in sweat, but I also knew my limitations. I listened to my body and drank about a gallon of water, but I survived!

I'm not suggesting that anyone should push themselves to the brink of exhaustion when it is dangerously hot out. Not at all. I'm amazed that I listened to my body, drank plenty of water, and still was able to skate hard to support my team. That, in it's self, is a personal victory for me!

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a few bruises, or what we derby girls call them, "derby kisses", to nurse.