With the popularity of the new TV's, comes the challenge of mounting them on the wall. For years, TV's were stand alone furniture, but now the flat-screens just beg to be mounted on the wall, or over the fireplace. I just mounted my new 42-inch model and here are some tips to help you with yours. If you choose to mount your TV on a wall there are a couple of things to take into consideration before the task begins.

First, make sure you buy a mounting kit that is big enough for your TV. The mounting kits come in different sizes to hold different sizes and weights of the new televisions. Be sure that yours kit matches the size/weight of your TV.

Next, determine where you want to mount the TV. You will have to be sure that the wall will support the weight. If the wall has 2 x 4 studs, you will need a stud finder to locate them. It is critical that you mount the TV on the center of those studs to hold the weight. Once you have located the center point of the studs, mark them and drill the screw locations for the bracket that holds the TV. Most kits will have a plate that will mount to the back of your TV. This plate attaches to the wall mount.

Kits vary, so follow the enclosed instruction.

Lastly, have someone assist you in actually lifting the TV up to the mount. This is not the time to let your new TV hit the floor. Once installed, check the bracket periodically to make sure it isn't loosening from the wall.

Then sit back and enjoy.