A man in Saginaw is being praised after turning in thousands of dollars he found in a bank parking lot.

WNEM says Tony Michalak was servicing an ATM at a credit union in Saginaw when he found an envelope full of cash. Michalak took the envelope back into the bank and took it up to a teller saying "I just found this in the parking lot." The teller opened the envelope and counted the cash which totaled almost $2,000 in 20s. The teller was thanking Michalak just as the man who lost it came into the bank hoping someone turned it in. Needless to say, the man was very happy. Michalak says he just did what he felt was right, something he learned as a child. No word on whether he was given a reward or anything else for his honesty.

The question is: what would you have done?