Seems as though every week or so we are having to dig a little deeper to fill our gas tanks. For the 4th time since the week before Christmas, the price of unleaded gasoline has spiked to a new high in Mid-Michigan. Most Flint-area stations are selling it for $3.69 a gallon now. Less than a month ago, we were able to buy gas for LESS than $3 a gallon. At this rate, it probably won't be long before we are having to cough up $4 for a gallon of petrol.
So what can you do to conserve fuel and take some of the sting out of price increases? Slow down. Aggressive acceleration and driving fast in general burn a LOT of fuel. Your vehicle probably runs most efficiently at around 60 mph on the freeway. If your commute is less than 20 miles each way, slowing down to 60 mph will only add a minute or two to your time on the road. It will also give you another day before you need to gas up again. Another way to save fuel is to actually park your vehicle in the garage. With winter in Michigan, it takes a lot less time to warm up your car if it isn't parked outside. You also save the time of having to clean the snow/ice off it. Time that your engine would probably be running. I know, it's a chore to clean the junk out of your garage, but putting your car in there in the winter will save you money.
Keeping your vehicle properly tuned up and maintained also saves fuel. Check your tire pressure too. A few small changes can add up to more change in your pocket. Use it to buy yourself something nice!