About a month ago, we learned that General Motors was working on a project that could bring even more jobs into the area. The plan was to build a paint shop near Flint's Truck Assembly Plant and now the state has approved a Brownfield Credit for the project, according to ABC-12.

What this means is that GM has been given a tax break to build near the plant and would only pay 50% of their taxes for the project. The city now will wait to see what GM does next, according to Flint Mayor Dayne Walling:

'"We'll just wait and see what GM does and now they know that they have this tax credit in place from the state so they'll continue to review their plans and we'll all anxiously await a decision on this perspective new facility in Flint.'"

More good news for Flint, especially since this could create at least 100 jobs. Hopefully we'll have more details about the project soon.