Following last week's big announcement, General Motors may invest more money, which could be used on vacant land at Flint General Assembly Plant. ABC-12 reports this potential investment could bring in an additional 50 jobs to the area.

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling talked about the potential of this huge investment:

'"The proposal that GM brought to the city was for a new paint shop addition to the existing FAP. A $417 million investment, approximately 850,000 square feet, and it would bring at least 50 new jobs immediately. Long run? A lot more potential both with paint shop and then also surrounding factors.'"

The company hasn't made an official announcement, but GM spokesman Tom Wickham provided a few details on the potential investment:

'"GM is developing a business case regarding a potential future investment in a brownfield site at the Flint Assembly plant. An application has been submitted as the company explores potential business opportunities in Flint.'"

If the proposal moves forward, Flint city council members would review the plan and go from there. Walling says this could happen sometime next month.