This story was in the Denver Post about a seven-year-old boy who wanted to join the Girl Scouts because he wanted to be with his sister. Originally they told him no, but now the organization is changing their mind and allowing him to join the group. His mom says he behaves like a girl. We talked about it this morning with some of you saying he shouldn't be allowed to join, while others said it was okay for him to be part of the Girl Scouts. Check out some of our Facebook comments after the jump. Do you think it's okay for him to join?



If you didn't get a chance to comment earlier, how do you feel about the boy joining the Girl Scouts? Do you think his mom should just enroll him in some other activities? Since he's so young, I don't think it matters if he wants to join the Girl Scouts. What's the difference if a girl wants to be in the Boy Scouts? A few female listeners called in this morning and said they were part of the Boy Scouts. Is this a big deal?