Was this young lady asked to leave her prom because she is too well endowed, or was it poor judgement as to the style of dress she chose for her special event?

To quote mom, "All women are not created equal. You cannot compare a golf ball to a grapefruit".

Brittany Minder believes that she was booted from her senior prom because she's so well endowed.

Her high school's dress code does allow for strapless dresses as long as the garment does not show too much cleavage. Brittany was eventually allowed back into the dance, with a shawl, but she only stayed for an hour or so. She maintains that the night was already ruined for her. She felt uncomfortable and self-conscious.

Brittany and her parents are adamant in their belief that the high school owes Brittany an apology.

See Brittany's story below, and tell us. Did her dress show too much cleavage, or is this a case of discrimination?