I don't think these people are dumpster-diving because they can't afford to buy food. I think they're doing it so they can save a little on their grocery bill. I'm not so sure I could do it just to save money or to be a 'Hipster'. But, if it came down to eating or starving to death then all bets are off, I would climb right over you to get at it.

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Brooklyn hipsters have found a new way of filling their bellies that would probably turn your stomach -- rummaging for and then feasting on expensive food that grocery chains toss in the trash.

The food they find -- including prepared sushi, prepared salads and fresh bread -- isn’t thrown out because it’s gone bad but because stores such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods simply can’t sell it. So, while the average New Yorker might shell out seven-dollars for a large salad at Starbucks during the day, just hours later, educated and working hipsters are getting the same, although leftover, salads for free.

Sound like something you would do to save a little money?