If you're expecting a baby, especially if it's your first, Genesys is offering a free Infant Safety class which is designed to help new parents keep their newborn safe from harm and safe from injury after birth. The next class will be offered on Tuesday, January 31st from 6-8 pm. Upcoming classes will be offered every month.  
New parents will learn about crib safety, safe feeding practices, pet safety, toy safety, car seat safety, changing table safety and much more.

Jill Croteau, RN and childbirth educator at Genesys says, "When parents return home with their newborn, often they realize they have many unanswered questions and concerns." This two hour course will provide new parents confidence and knowledge that they can care for their baby safely once they leave the hospital.

To sign up for the class, call the Genesys Family Birthing Center at (810) 606-5897.