We all have loved ones getting up there in age and sometimes watch them struggle to deal with more and more medications. If that's you or someone you know, you may want to check this out.Genesys Athletic Club (GAC) will host a talk on medication safety for seniors at their next Lunch and Learn event. The talk, part of the GAC Gold's Lunch and Learn Series, is designed specifically to help seniors improve their quality of life.

The featured speaker will be Zach Landers, RN and manager of Genesys Trauma Services. He will talk about the effects and interactions of medications, and provide seniors with information to help them keep a complete list of medical information, and talk to them about putting medications in the refrigerator (in a special container) so EMS or family members can easily grab them to take to the hospital in an emergency situation.

The Lunch and Learn takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, February 19 at noon at Genesys Athletic Club. Cost, including lunch, is $15 for the public and $6 for GAC members. To sign up for the talk, and find out about future ones, call (810) 606-7509.