It looks like some of the Genesee County Jail Inmates have been helping in a variety of community clean-ups around the area. Yesterday they were out helping to get ready for the Crim by assisting with putting up fences, picking up trash and other duties they were assigned to.

ABC-12 reports that 19 inmates helped yesterday and this isn't their first time and Genesee County Sheriff Pickell says they will do more around the community:

'"We're going to be cleaning up the Interstates. We're going to go out to all the different parks. If there's a non-profit and they need the inmates to come and clean up, they should give me a call at the sheriff's office and we'll work something out where we can come out and help you too.'"

The sheriff also says the inmates they are using are all in jail for non violent crimes such as back pay on child support.