At seven months old, Liam suffered a traumatic brain injury while he was at his day care center.

He's two now, and medical bills are piling up. This Genesee County family could use your help. They are selling raffle tickets for an award winning, custom built Jeep. We have details here.

It started like any other day for the Hendersons. They dropped 7 month old Liam off at his day care center and went to work. That was at 6:00am. At 11:43am Liam's dad, Greg Henderson, received a phone call telling him that his son was being rushed to a hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

Doctors say that little Liam suffered from shaken baby syndrome. He had hemorrhaging of the brain, and suffered such severe trauma that he lost the entire right side of his brain. He was left blind as well.

What's even more frustrating for Jennifer and Greg Henderson is that their son's day care center won't say how he suffered such a traumatic injury while in their care. Because of Liam's age and brain trauma, he won't ever be able to identify the person who did this to him. Without a full confession from that person, which seems unlikely, there is nothing they can do but give him the best care that they can.

Liam is two and a half yeas old now, and has made amazing progress. Still, no one can say exactly what kind of a life he will have.

Medical bills are piling up, and the Henderson family is asking the community for help. They are holding a raffle for a one of a kind Jeep that Greg calls FrankenBrute. Liam's dad has spent most of his life building this Jeep, piece by piece. He was very proud when it took 3rd place in it's class at this year's Autorama in Detroit.

Raffle tickets to win this sweet ride are just $25. Please CLICK HERE if you would like to purchase a ticket.

For more information on Liam and the raffle go to his Facebook page or visit his website.

Meet Liam, his family and FrankenBrute in the video below.