We've been past the $4 a gallon threshold before. Last time it happened, it was in the summer months. That made it a little easier to take, as a lot of folks hopped on motorcycles or bicycles. Many carpooled or just drove less. Vacations were taken closer to home. Demand went down and so did the price. It was just a matter of time before it went back up, and this time it comes when the weather is less conducive to other forms of transport (bikes, motorcycles, walking). Most Michiganders are forced to pay the price to get around for work and other obligations, at least until the weather warms up. By then, will we be forced to pay $5 a gallon?

It's possible. The average American paid close to $4000 dollars last year for transportation. With the price of gas at $5, or more, we could be shelling out as much as $7000 annually for transportation. That's a big chunk of money. That is enough to make people make changes. Buying smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Choosing public transit. Moving closer to where they work/go to school. Spending less on other items. Walking/biking to places they used to drive to. What will you do to cope with this new expense? Our cities, towns and roadways are all designed around the premise of cheap and easy automobile travel. Is it time for a new way of thinking? Will this be the impetus to develop another type of propulsion? Americans have always found a way to deal with problems such as this. Somebody, somewhere will seize this opportunity. Meanwhile, I'm going to be riding my bike a lot more. I've been stockpiling fuel around my midsection all winter long, so I should be good for a few months.