Holiday shopping will be much easier for Americans this year as gas prices continue to fall. Right now the demand is lower, and gas producers are switching to a winter blend which costs 15 to 20 cents less to produce.  With the fall of gas prices, consumers are buying less fuel-economy vehicles.

The downward price trend is also attributed to no weather-related problems, such as last year's Hurricane Sandy.  A recent report states that the national average currently at $3.27 per gallon is expected to drop to around $3.10.  We haven't seen an average that low since February of 2011.

Flint has had a bad reputation for years.  But in this case saying Flint is below average in reality is a very good thing!  Some local gas stations are already at an even $3.00 for a gallon of regular unleaded. What are the lowest gas prices you have seen recently?

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