I like to watch game shows for the suspense, the excitement, and yes, the flashing lights.  I like to watch a lot of Discovery, History, Science, and National Geographic Channel's documentaries for the interesting nuggets of knowledge on an assortment of topics.  Over the weekend, I enjoyed the best of both worlds with a NatGeo show called "Brain Games."

Ever since my dad suffered a brain injury almost three years ago, I have learned a lot about how the brain works.  This series furthered my education on the human brain, and in several ways surprised me.

True or False:  The two panels above are the same color.  My first response was false.  Like the majority of test subjects, I was wrong.  You're brain uses shadows to determine several things including color.  Based on how the shadows fall, it appears that the top panel looks dark gray and well lit, while the bottom panel looks like a white panel in the shadows.  Take your finger and cover the line between the two panels, and you will see that they are, in fact, the same color.

Check out the video below.  Starting at 2:39 you can play a mind game where you will think you are seeing things that are not there.