They have been the 'must have' boots for the past several winter seasons, but things aren't looking so hot for the future of Deckers Outdoor Corp., the makers of Ugg boots. Have these super fashionable boots become obsolete? Read more after the jump.

Some blame the mild weather that most of the country enjoyed last winter, some blame two straight years of significant price increases, some just say outright that the sheepskin boots aren't fashionable anymore, but Deckers Outdoor had to severely revise its' outlook for the rest of the year after 3rd quarter profits dropped 31%. Things might be so bad for the boot maker that even the upcoming holiday season and a colder winter forecast this year can save them. In an effort to attract shoppers, the company plans to rollback prices on some Ugg styles in the United States.

Do you have a pair of Ugg boots? Did you ever think Ugg boots were cool?