As morbid as it sounded to me at first, I think some funeral homes may be on to something.  It came to my attention this morning that there is a funeral parlor in the UK that streams funerals on the web.  When I did further research this morning, I discovered that there are a few here in the good ol' USA that do it to.

This idea may have been sparked by the modern media, and shouldn't seem too 'out of left field.'  Think about it.  Via satellite and live television, the world witnessed the funerals of celebrities such as Princess Diana and Michael Jackson.

This wouldn't be a free-for-all stream that anyone can log on to.  From what I understand, family members and friends that are unable to attend would be given a password to view the service for their dearly departed online.

I lost my Nannu (Maltese for Grandfather) who lived near Washington D.C. a few years back.  Although I was there in his room to say goodbye to him on his last day with us, I had to get back to Michigan as my wife was nine months pregnant with our youngest.  I heard that the service for Nannu was a beautiful tribute to him, and it broke my heart that I could not be there to mourn with my family.

With this new service being offered by more and more funeral homes, we can be connected to our loved ones in tough times.  It's almost like when we went from having to make contact with long distance loved-ones through letters that would take weeks in the old days, to calling or e-mailing them instantly today.  I would have jumped at the chance to log in to hear and see his memorial.

Would you want your funeral broadcast on the internet?  Would you want to watch a funeral for a friend or family member that you couldn't attend otherwise?