Rod and I put this question up on Facebook. What television commercial makes you want to turn down the volume, or change the channel? A few of you mentioned Flo and her Progressive Insurance ads, which made me kind of curious. Who is the lady underneath all of that teased, bee-hived hair?

Her name is Stephanie Courtney, and she is a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles, and a main company member of the Groundlings Theater. She was born in 1970 in Stony Point, New York. Stephanie is married to Scott Kolanach, a lighting director for the Groundlings Theater. To get Flo's hair, she spends about an hour in the chair while a stylist backteases and hairsprays to get her signature 'big hair' look. Stephanie has this to say about Flo's cheery personality; "Nobody is naturally that perky. They'd strain something. I'd say at times Flo is like my mom when she's at her most chipper." Stephanie has done twelve commercials for Progressive Insurance and says that her favorite is the one with the 'man bag'. You can watch it below.

Do you have a favorite commercial character? I could do some research for you!