Davion Only, a 15 year-old foster child, wants only one thing. He wants to feel the love of a family.

On a recent Sunday, Davion took all of his courage and a borrowed suite to a local church service and did something extraordinary.

Grab a box of tissue and read on.

I cried when I read Davion's story. He was born to a mother who was doing time in a Florida prison, and has been in to many foster homes to count.

In June, with a copy of his birth certificate, he started to research his mother on a computer. He had success, if that's what you call a death certificate. She had passed away in prison, just three weeks earlier.

The 15 year-old decided then and there that he wanted a better life, and he knew that being part of a family was a great first step towards that goal, so on a recent Sunday, wearing a borrowed suit and clutching a bible, Davion did something extraordinary.

Be inspired by the video below.