The man who was in charge of Flint at the time of the switch to the Flint River is refusing to testify. Darnell Earley was appointed by Governor Snyder as Flint's Emergency Financial Manager in October of 2013, succeeding Mike Brown. It was on Earley's watch that Flint made the ill-fated switch to the corrosive water from the Flint River.

Darnell Earley is currently the Emergency Financial Manager of the Detroit Public Schools, and we can all see how well that's going. Conditions are so bad that teachers have been organizing sick-outs. Black mold, rodent infestations and lack of heating are just a few of the problems they are facing.

As the investigation ramps up into the Flint Water Crisis, it looks like Mr. Earley is trying to get out of testifying at a hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning with several other government officials. So here's a dumb question, why do you think he doesn't want to testify? What is he hiding? Can we all agree that this guy is a complete d-bag?

UPDATE: It was announced this morning that Darnell Earley has resigned, will step down as EFM of the Detroit school and no longer be an employee of the state in 30 days.