So, we've all wondered at some point in our lives, can men and women be friends if they find each other attractive?  A new study claims to have the answer: no.

Researchers studied both men and women, asking them to list the pro's and cons of having members of the opposite sex as friends.  Almost one-third of the respondents said that feelings of attraction were a negative in these relationships. Only 6% of people thought it was benefit.

Women were more likely to describe attraction as a negative, according to the study.

Moreover, the study showed that opposite-sex friendships can inflict harm into previously established romantic relationships. Jealousy is the big culprit with 38% Thirty-eight of women and 25% of men age 27 to 50 said jealousy from their romantic partners resulted when attempting to maintain opposite-sex friendships.

It often starts innocently enough, but all too often the attraction further complicates established relationships and frequently induces a breakup.