It appears that the powers-to-be at Ford are upset with by Chevy's Silverado ad during Sunday's Super Bowl. The commercial depicts a post-apocalyptic world where the only people to survive were a few Chevy Silverado truck owners, who couldn't find their friend who drove a Ford.

Obviously after watching the commercial, it shows Chevy's sense of humor. Ford on the other hand didn't see it that way. According to Forbes, Ford's attorney sent a letter to Chevy stating that they didn't want the commercial to air during the Super Bowl or anytime for that matter. Ford also said: "Chevrolet has absolutely no basis to disparagingly imply that, in the event of a catastrophic event, Ford’s pickup trucks and their respective owners will be reduced to ashes.”

Does Ford really believe that the world will end this year? If that's the case, both Ford and Chevy should start making an indestructible vehicle.

Chevy's response to Ford was pretty much, "Grow Up"!

Chevy also told Forbes: “We stand by our claims in the commercial, that the Silverado is the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickup on the road. The ad is a fun way of putting this claim in the context of the apocalypse,” said GM’s global chief marketing officer Joel Ewanick. “We can wait until the world ends, and if we need to, we will apologize. In the meantime, people who are really worried about the Mayan calendar coming true should buy a Silverado right away.”

Take a look at the commercial below and give us your thoughts.