Flint is known for many things -- the automotive industry (what's left,) the awful crime rate and high unemployment -- that being said we are known for a few good things, some of the food staples that are from our great city. Check out the top five food staples from Flint after the jump.

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    The Torch Burger

    The Torch

    The Torch has been serving downtown Flint for over 50 years and their signature burger is one of the best in Genesee County. The Torch Burger is a whole half-pound of fresh ground beef that is handmade every morning. Cooked to order with the toppings you want. I guarantee that you won't leave hungry after a Tourch Burger.

    The Torch
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    Big John's Steak & Onion

    Big John's Steak & Onion

    If you're from Flint and have never tried a Big John's Steak and Onion -- you don't know what you're missing. If you are visiting Flint this is a must stop food joint to try. Big John's is a food staple in Flint and was the first to offer submarine sandwiches in the area when it opened in 1973. These greasy over-filled subs are purely delicious -- for your first time you must get the Super Steak and Cheese with mushrooms and peppers -- don't forget the red sauce, Big John's own barbeque sauce.

    Tim Gray
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    The Flint Style Coney Dog

    Angelo's Coney Island

    Let's explain the proper Flint style coney dog! First the hot dog must be a Koegel, the dog has to be grilled not boiled. Then we add Abbot's coney sauce, white onions and yellow mustard -- only yellow mustard, we don't put ketchup on a coney.

    What makes the Flint style different from the Detroit and Jackson style coneys is the dry sauce. The original coney dog from Jackson, MI is the closets to the Flint style, but still a bit wet.

    You can't leave Flint without trying a Flint style coney.

    stevendepolo, Flickr
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    Vernor's Ginger Ale

    Ginger ale? We don't drink ginger ale -- we drink Vernors, the Original Ginger Soda! Originally started in Detroit in the 1880's. What makes Vernors different from the ordinary ginger ales is the way it's aged in oak barrels for three years.

    Vernors has also become associated with being sick -- especially if you're from the area -- we drink it when we have an upset stomach, cold, flu or sore throat. It has no medicinal benefit, just an old wives tale sent down from generation to generation.

    Tim Gray
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    The Q.P. Deluxe

    Halo Burger

    Originally starting out as the Kewpee, Halo Burger's Q.P. Deluxe is one of the best burgers in Flint -- in 1923, Samuel V. Blair, opened the Kewpee Hotel restaurant where Bill Thomas worked. Later Thomas bought the Kewpee after Blair had passed away. The Kewpee name was sold and franchised -- Thomas declined the move and started Halo Burger.

    Halo Burger is another restaurant that you must visit if you come to Flint, if you live here  and have never tried Halo Burger -- something is wrong with you -- not really, but you should try it.

    Tim Gray