Earlier this week I brought you a video of what looked like a police officer punching a woman in the mouth during a Puerto Rican Day parade. Now it has been confirmed that he did indeed strike her, and he is going to face the consequences.

Philadelphia police lieutenant Jonathan Josey, who was videotaped with a cell phone punching Aida Guzman after she sprayed him with silly string during a parade, will receive a 30 day suspension with intent to dismiss. Miss Guzman says it was not her intention to get Lt. Josey fired. 'We want an apology, we want an official apology, a public apology, instead of a no comment through this process." said Enrique Latoison, an attorney for Miss Guzman. The disorderly conduct charges against Miss Guzman were dropped.

How do you feel about Lt Josey's suspension? Is 30 days enough, or should he be fired? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.