Flushing School District has been recognized as a national reference site for a new literacy program that will be used starting next year, known as the Fast ForWord program. The Flint Journal reports that the school district has been using the program for the past five years. 

The computer program has been used for at risk students in grades k-3, where it helps kids learn to read through games and tests, with the use of graphics, sounds and more.

Scientific Learning provides the software and consultant Corey Armes talks about what they look for when find a school district to be a national reference site:

'"It’s nice to see a school district really step up and celebrate their students success ... just the dedication they have to help their students be successful.'"

Mary Mitchell is a paraprofessional at Seymour Elementary and has worked with the program and is very excited to be a reference site:

'"We were really excited about (the recognition). It was a big thing for us. Maybe we will be able to go to higher levels in the reading program. ... We would like to do that so we could take on more kids.'"

Currently, the teachers work with about 10 kids at a time when teaching them the program.