A Clearwater Florida high school has banned the cheerleading uniforms saying they do not meet the schools dress code.

One of the cheerleaders at Countryside High School wore her school issued uniform to school last Friday. The team was then told by school administrators that the uniforms did not meet the school's dress code, which states that skits must be mid-thigh.

Jenna Fraiser, one of the cheerleaders at Countryside High School, said "Countryside doesn't have a lot of school spirit and we're trying to like push school spirit and a uniform helps that. It's game day, Friday," Jenna and her parents are fighting back against administrators, saying if the school issues the uniforms, the cheerleaders should be allowed to wear them.

Many schools are beginning to crack down on school dress code, which means leaving the cheerleading uniforms on the sidelines and not in the classrooms. Do you think wearing uniforms to class the day before games helps with school spirit?