A Florida man alleges he was fired because his daughter's cancer treatments were getting too expensive for his company-sponsored health insurance.  Yovany Gonzalez of Palm Beach ,Florida was fired from his job as securities broker for Wells Fargo.

Just three days before his daughter, who later died at age 6, was scheduled for surgery to remove a tumor.

Can this happen in America?

Wells Fargo claimed he had falsified time records, but Gonzalez says it was just an excuse as they had been trying to get rid of him for months.

Yovany Gonzalez, 36 began his career as a mortgage consultant at a Wachovia bank branch which was acquired by Wells Fargo in 2008.

His lawyer, who is helping him sue the bank, claims that any issues with time cards were due to him working remotely and not having a supervisor to sign off while his daughter was ill.

Who do you believe?