It's really not something you should raise a stink about. I thought having a 160lb dog in the house was bad,but 15 skunks, I can't imagine what that would be like. Here's how it all got started, five years ago Don and Brenda Hoch saw a skunk in a pet store, they bought it and took it home, read more after the jump.The Hudson, Fla., couple found they had a way with the animals, and now the Hochs share their home with not one, but 15 skunks.Their original pet skunk, Spike, shares his permanent home with fourteen others the couple are fostering for Florida Skunk Rescue. Eventually the skunks will move to permanent homes.

Fortunately, the Hochs don't live with a constant fear of being sprayed. The skunks are de-scented at a young age, around two to three weeks old. Check out the skunk loving video.