You may have enjoyed locally-grown products from the more than 30 companies whose goods are sold by the Local Grocer inside the Flint Farmers' Market. Now, there's hope of expanding the operation, bringing fresh produce and organic food products to a local stand-alone store that wouldn't be restricted to the Farmers' Markets three-days-a-week schedule. The Kickstarter campaign is dubbed 'Local Grocer 2.0.

Selling Michigan-make goods from its own storefront is a win-win not only for the community, but for local suppliers.

Our core values of healthy, natural products, minimal transportation distances and fair labor practices are the foundations of reaching this goal. We are now poised to make it happen. When the opportunity to open a stand-alone store came to us we eagerly accepted it as the next logical step in the evolution of our concept. We work with farmers and producers close to home, so each transaction is an investment in the well being of our immediate community.

Erin Caudell and Franklin Pleasant hope to raise $30,000 by December 5th, in order to realize the dream of Local Grocer 2.0. You can read more about their Kickstarter campaign here.