LeLonnie Alexander will be forever grateful to 12-year-old Caden Gersky. The Flint woman lost her wedding ring in the icy cold waters of Ocqueoc Falls near Rogers City, when she stepped into the water to pose for a picture. Gersky and his family were vacationing in the area, and the young man put on his goggles and went on an expedition. After about an hour, he found her ring.

Alexander and her husband are big hockey fans, and were married on the ice at Perani arena 10 years ago. Gersky is also a hockey fan, and plays on a youth league in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. Alexander tells Cars 108 she'll always be grateful for his effort.

"Crazy how one sport can bring so many together. We will always cherish this young man and his family for the perfect way they raised this precious guy. I can't ever thank them enough!"

Caden couldn't make the trip to Michigan yesterday because he just had surgery, but his father, John Gersky, met up with LeLonnie to reunite her with her ring. Take a look at this video from WDIV below.

- George McIntyre
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