The tallest building in the city of Flint will come down this Sunday.

We have the details here.

Genesee Towers was a shining example of Flint's prosperity when it was built in 1968, but on Sunday the condemned building will come down.

The implosion is scheduled for 10am on December 22 and should last for just six seconds. A large part of the city will be evacuated and will reopen gradually as crews clean up debris. For a map of the Perimeter Prohibited Impact Zone, click here.

For a map of how to navigate through Flint on Sunday, click here.

A viewing platform will be available in front of the Riverfront Residence Conference Center but the Genesee County Health Department is encouraging people to watch the event from home because the implosion of Genesee Towers will contain a high concentration of dust particles, fungal spores and silica. All of those are health risks for persons suffering from asthma, heart disease, lung disease or a weakened immune system.

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The city of Flint has released details on how the implosion will play out. Get those details in the video below.